Divisoria: Where to shop, what to do and where to eat- Part 2

Divisoria is a cheap Haven. You can almost find anything a Palengkera needs here. Much as I want to list all what this wonderland has to offer, I can only give you all the famous places to visit with their specialized offerings.  Here they are:

1. 168 Mall. This is home to cheap clothing, appliances, gadgets, accessories and food. One of the pioneers of mall-like ambiance but cheap offerings. It is fully air-conditioned. When you need a break and you’re starving, just go up to the fifth floor where the food center is located. 168 mall is along Sta. Elena St., Binondo, Manila



2. Tutuban Mall.  Just in front of the PNR station, it offers wide arrays of RTW, accesories, textiles and gadgets. The extensions are also leased by small stalls, boutiques, fast food chains and chinese medicine stores, etc. Tutuban Mall is along the main street Claro M. Recto Avenue.



3.Divisoria Mall. It has three floors and a basement packed with clothing, shoes, Christmas decorations, stationery, stickers, invitations, wallets, calculators, pens, umbrellas, flashlights, kitchen utensils, gardening tools, and toys. At the ground floor is my favorite, dried fish and squid.  It is located between Tabora and Sto. Cristo streets of Binondo area.



4. Ilaya Street. It is one of Divisoria’s busiest streets. Famous for its RTW, Textile (wholesale and retail), sewing needs, shoes, shirts and school uniforms for wholesale, jeans and things including kitchenware, party supplies and souvenirs, parlor supplies, socks and other undergarments, and novelty items. It should be just in front of Fiesta Shopping Plaza along C.M. Recto Ave.



5. Tabora St.This busy street mainly focus on stainless ang glass wares, souvenir items/Party supplies and textiles. Other goods on offer are paper and plastic products; boxes, bottles, strings and paint; home decors, figurines and native handicrafts; ribbons, lace and other sewing supplies. Located along C.M. Recto Ave., after Juan Luna St. coming from Binondo.



6. Juan Luna St. Much like Ilaya st, it offers RTW, kitchen wares, seasonal and imported fruits (mostly from China), DVD (again mostly from China- maybe most of the goods available here are from China), gadgets/cellphones, and countless street food. Located just a block from Tutuban Mall, at the corner of Juan Luna St. and C.M. Recto Ave.



Other places to venture:

  • Binondo (might be featured in a different post)
  • Meisic mall
  • Soler St.
  • Along the main Avenue: CM Recto Ave (Mostly Sidestreet stalls)

Enjoy shopping!


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