Marikina Clean and Green Public Market

Marikina City is considered to be one of the best managed and wealthiest local government units in the country.  Most of the awards received by the City were the result of their efforts on health and cleanliness awareness.  The City is also admired as tourism and cultural hub of Metro Manila. Well known for its shoe and leather industry, Eco-friendly tourist destination like the butterfly garden, museums, parks, churches, colorful streets with bike lanes and among others.  To give you an idea of how well they manage their city in a micro level, the Palengkera dissected their public market.

The Marikina Public Market is located at the heart of Brgy Sta Elena between the Marikina Bridge and the Marikina Sports Complex.  They also call it Marikina Market Mall which is considered as one of the biggest and well-maintained markets in Metro Manila.  The entire area is not just housed by the city-managed Public Market but by different subgroups of private markets. Between E. De la Paz St and P Burgos is the main Public Market where it is divided into Dry and Wet sections.  The area covers from main Highway- Sumulong Hwy crossing all streets from MC Cruz, P Burgos, E De la Paz and E Jacinto until WC Paz St.  Along those sidestreets are divided by small public market operated by private groups however still supervised by Marikina LGU. The market caters to folks from the city proper along with Antipolo, San Mateo and nearby municipalities.


From Cubao

If you decide to travel by Jeepney from Aurora Boulevard in Cubao, and you’re not a fan of Salbakuta’s Stupid love, or any Zaito Flip top, or Pusong Bato remix, be patient for it only takes about 15-20 minutes to reach Marikina.  Well, you have an option to listen to Nicolhyala and Christsuper on a pang-masa station (national radio station) when you opt to take the FX. Occasional traffic is also expected just before Riverbanks mall until Loyola Memorial Garden. If you’re bringing a car, you may park at the Marikina Riverside beside the Palengke.

Yoooo! Man..Ahuh …Hows that?  Though for 3 years, the Palengkera called Marikina her home and during that primeval time her favorite song played by jeepney DJs was Nagmamahal Ako ng Bakla by Dagtang Lason. Don’t make her sing that song on this blog…

Salbakuta copy

Okay enough of that. When you reach Bayan, you will see a familiar landmark, the Sports Complex just across the Palengke.  You may want to start your journey from here.


The Palengkera’s favorite spot to munch on fried one-day-old and tukneneng is just on the corner of Sumulong Highway and the Sports Complex. Here, you can find stalls that sells the most up-to-date DVD movies and mp3 rips.  At night, there are some “service” guys you can ask here, please note mga beckys. Mayor, please don’t quote the Palengkera on this, she just noticed it.

marikina public market

And when you’re just about to start the stroll inside the vast area, you may want to sit for a cheap but delectable snack here. Prices ranges from P20 to P38.

inside the market

There are number of stalls that you can choose from for the seasonal fruits and vegetables from various regions. If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to splurge on some colorful choices of kakanin they offer. And the palengkera bought one of that Puto’t kutchinta below and a kilo of sweet ripe mangoes.

IMG_0323 IMG_0338 IMG_0339 IMG_0343

Along E jacinto St is one of the busiest streets of the market.  It mainly offers RTWs and wares.

IMG_0346IMG_0320 IMG_0324 IMG_0328

Marikina Public Market is a safe haven for Palengkeras.  There are uniformed market personnel roaming around advising people to take care of their belongings. A market concierge is installed just at the center of the area for you to ask directions. A police station is at the ground level of the main public market lest you have some concerns. But again, always be mindful of your surroundings when you’re in a public place- a Palengkeras first tip. You can also monitor basic commodity prices at their bulletin board posted in front of the concierge.

IMG_0351 IMG_0332ThIMG_0331  IMG_0353

The reason why the market is referred to Marikina Market Mall is its sub-palengkes.  Sometimes the prices here are much cheaper than what is offered in the main Palengke.  The cheapest price, according to Palengkeras’ friend-Palengkenita is the Pamilihan ng Sto. Nino, just in front of the Aglipay Church. Here are some of the sub-palengkes.

IMG_0357IMG_0326 IMG_0355 IMG_0356

Recently, the local government of Marikina issued an ordinance of “No Plastic bag” policy. So the Palengkera bought one of these reusable bags for his finds.

IMG_0359IMG_0340 IMG_0342 IMG_0350

After an hour of Palengke delight, the Palengkenita-friend was kind enough to prepare and cook  for brunch.

IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0367

There are more to write about the goodness of this Palengkera sanctuary, however the Palengkera has to end with a word to describe it – Awesome! Now, if you happen to visit Marikina, make sure to explore their Palengke as it is where you can experience the culture it has to offer.

Till next time!


18 thoughts on “Marikina Clean and Green Public Market

  1. nakakamiss ang marikina market lalo na kung ilang lakad lang mula sa bhay nio ang tapsilog, lechon kawali, lechon, fresh fruits name it it’s all there hayy

  2. At pinaka mura sa metro manila ang palengke ng Marikina dinadayo talaga o ano punta na kayo sa palengke namin

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  5. Marikina Market mall is the cleanest and well organized palengke in the country, can you help me to duplicate it in our town here in isabela by way of attending seminar or lakbay aral from your office?

  6. please help po…need ko po direct manufacturer…para po makapagprice ako ng tama…yung mga naka ad po sa —- lahat po mataas na price di ko na matatapatan…hindi po ako kikita…thanks

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