Baguio’s Oh My Gulay: A Palengkera’s Restaurant Review


A friend and I went on a trip to Baguio without an itinerary.  And so, one of our colleagues suggested we visit this place. Located at the heart of infamous Baguio’s Session Road, Oh My Gulay is a unique dining restaurant which is popular to vegans, local artists and tourists. You have to trek flight of stairs to reach the rooftop (5th floor) where the restaurant is located as there was no elevator installed in the aged La Azotea building. I was thinking that it was part of the design to make you want to eat anything by the time you get there. After all the hassle, it was worth it.  It was enchanting- with a garden on top of a building overlooking the panoramic Burnham Park.


At the restaurant, we did not expect to meet our funny gay-friends from Manila that chilly Sunday afternoon while it was Baguio Day Celebration. So we thought that the incident was a good omen to devour a hearty lunch in the restaurant.  We were able to talk about how good the arts, how fabulous the ambiance is, and laugh about topics an unreserved people would normally brought up(almost anything).  We were also lucky to  get the best spot on the balcony to enjoy the cool breeze and smell of pine trees. It was a perfect place to talk, to think(if you’re alone), to unwind, and to leave all the troubles and anxieties behind.


Much as I want to cut this story short, there are so much to say about this restaurant that photos can’t just summarize. The place was very cozy. I was amazed by the setting- flower garden, coi pond, giant stones, wood carvings, recycled artifact, antiques, paintings, and various art works I can’t explain. The washroom was also a giant piece of art- with vines serve as drapery, marbles as tiles, and a customized sink to go with the mood.


This restaurant was designed by a quirky and creative artist. The star of the restaurant was the place itself and the decors it showcased.  An entertaining ambiance.


And who wouldn’t chuckle on this?


The menu promised a lot of interesting veggie-centric pastas, salads, soups, with some unique ingredients. Some of the menus were a little bit naughty like “Anak ng Putanesca”, “Caesar Asar”, and “Saging at Mani Love Affair”. The food was reasonably priced- Pasta from P110-P150 (almost good for 2 servings), Desserts P50-100, Salad P90-140, drinks/coffee P40-70.

We tried their signature dish Oh My Gulay Salad, Kabute(Mushroom) Pasta and OMG Club Sandwich. Perfect food to stave off Hypertension. :).  But upon close inspection, the pasta has overwhelming cheese, so it might not be good for your blood pressure after all.  The food is somehow good, but nothing to rave for. You can’t complain either.


The OMG Salad was my favorite. It has the right texture, and the right mix of flavors -sweet, sour,  and a little spicy.


And to cap off the good flavors, we ordered the reputable Benguet Coffee while enjoying the crispy wind breeze.


Overall, it was a nice experience and Oh My Gulay now comes one my top list of “Palengkera Must Visit” when in Baguio.


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