A Beautiful Day!

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say.  After a week of non-stop rains that caused floods and heavy traffics in the Metro, today, the mighty sun is finally smiling again.  The reason my cherry tomato plants look happy and green with their blossoming flowers. Yohooo!

 beautifulday 3

I thought I have a black thumb or I may have been doing something wrong. It was like an insult on me as farming is what my parents do for a living.  So I was relentless in trying different herbs and ornamental plants in my urban garden (terrace). I must say, they all failed. My bitter melon dried-up after a month of tending their promising buds. Then my basil and rosemary(from SM’s garden section P120 each) lasted only for 2 weeks. I had to water them frequently and ironically they perished from what looked like dehydration.  My snake plant roots rotted though I still have one left standing and I am not expecting a miracle for it. The lucky plant and Chinese palm are slowly dying  because of some pests (I’m guessing that they are palm aphids because of the white spots).  I also tried different composts, combined garden soil and rice husks all to no avail. I also bought a special blossoming fertilizer from Ace Hardware for P50 which only worked well with the tomatoes but not with the herbs and palm.  Okay, enough of the whining and focus on the beauty of the day- my cherry tomatoes.

beautifulday 4

This time, I have high hopes that I might be finally hitting the nails on the head. I bought the cherry tomato seeds from Puregold for P50.  My father used to grow tomato seeds altogether in a square box then transplant them with appropriate distance from each other.  In my case, I transplanted them using medium plastic pots. As replacement of rice straws, I used old shredded paper bags as a base layer to hold moisture on the soil. It worked well I suppose because I only had to water them thrice a week.

  beautifulday 7

beautifulday 8

Let’s see what the heavens decision in the next few weeks.

Here is a bitter sweet song perfect for the day from Mr. Buble! Enjoy


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