My Complicated Relationship with Math

X + 2y =5. ??? Why? I really can’t comprehend why this equation even exists. How come that an addition of letters results to a number? Don’t get me wrong, I like my alphabets, but why do they have to steal it and put in an equation. They taught me this in school, and yet I’m still waiting for the day I actually have to use it. Why do i have to waste time, I think I should move on and accept that x or y is gone? I’m pretty sure that it’s not just me, most humans feel the same. I can go on and rant how I hate math but I got a long list this post may not even accommodate.

i hate math

I think that Math was invented to abuse my (our) mental health. I’m disgusted with math and I don’t know why? I am not sure if it’s in my genes or I am just lazy. I would find ways to shun it when possible. But you see, Math is inevitable. The school curriculum had always included Algebra in it and there was no way for me to avoid it. As much as I liked Biology and Anatomy subjects, I dreaded having to take math classes knowing that I had to deal with terror instructors (if not, super boring). I don’t blame them, they teach the most hated subject on earth. Maybe out of pity or burden of my teachers, they let me pass anyhow. It was a relief to graduate in college having to pass all my math subjects (algebra and trigo being the most horrible), but the world keeps on with puzzles math wants me to solve.

Here are my reasons why I hate Math:

  • It’s a waste of time. Calculating letter and numbers is nuisance to me. They provide me NO value at all. I mean, what do I get with x or y? You see, Math is inconsistent, they are supposed to use numbers. It’s like saying the best part of eating involves sleeping.
  • If I deal with Math, I am either right or wrong. There is no way for me to justify on anything. Heaven knows how I love to argue in real life.
  • I can memorize every friend’s status in facebook but I never had a line memorized from the table of multiplication. I’d rather watch Animal Planet or Home shopping network.
  • When faced with my greatest enemy (Math), I can seek always see help from know-it-all Google, or to MS Excel or my long time friend-Calculator.
  • Math teachers are torturers. If teaching Math were a crime, they should be punished for a life sentence.
  • Math is like Viruses. They might be invisible but they’re everywhere. Once they hit you, you’re stuck on it.
  • They can’t make me laugh. The only emotion they give me is fear and hatred.
  • Math will seem to follow us until our last breath (and will terrorize those that are living). Blood pressure monitor shows graphs, pulse rate (in bpm), cbc (blood count), etc. After death, Math there to terrorize the living, there will be bills to pay, hospital and funerals, insurances, assets and what not.

On a second thought, Math does exist and has the right to exist. Whether we like it or not, wherever we go, whatever we do, we always deal with math. We will face it at some point in our lives, whether out of curiosity, out of necessity or a means to survive. And so I’ve learned to get along with math.

i hate algebra2

I occasionally like Math because:

  • As a Palengkera, I need to know the market price of anything I buy. I have to be efficient in counting my change from the seller or from the “sukli” on a jeepney ride. I also have to understand economies of scale, Budgeting, Costing, unit of measurements, temperature, time, etc.
  • I came to realize that whatever career path I choose, Math is always there to shadow me. As they say, if you can’t beat it, join it. So, I chose Accounting. At the very least, my long-time friend is always there to help-the calculator. I work with a Financial company that deals with payroll, munching numbers everyday is normal, out of necessity (I expect to be paid on my ATM every 15th and 30th).  I’m thinking of shifting career into programming too, and I’m certain that math will again reign supreme.
  • As a Stock Trader, I deal with technical analysis –graphs, historical prices, EPS, P/E ratios, Balance sheets, Income statements etc. Though math is my long-time enemy, I turned it as my ally.
  • On the brighter side, Math subjects can be art, wherein there are different ways to do a thing. And we don’t need to memorize historical dates of Spanish Colonial times or know all the characters in Noli Me Tangere.  Spelling and grammar is also not an issue with math.
  • Practical purposes. Understanding math can lead to a wiser financial decision (income). To know how much you need to cook for some visitors. Calculating % on a sales price on the mall will impress a window-shopping friend.

And there my friend, I have a complicated relationship with math. I admit that I’m one of those who harbors and aversion for math. But you see, I do feel the need of it in our everyday life, so I’ve learned to get along with it- a paradox. However, I still feel the need of a Math Therapist (if there is one), to help me forget my fear and horrible experiences with Math. Anyone?

For amusement, i got these Memes from Pinterest. (courtesy of rubsa, chris, hailey)

the answer to the equation X + 2y =5:


I can relate to him:


Funny answer to a math quiz:


I thought so too…



then the feeling after…

math.pinterest.haily k


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