A Palengkera Guide: Getting Mall Freebies

As Jennifer Lopez sees love with her song “Even if you were broke, My Love don’t cost a thing”, so as with many things. They say, ‘the best things in life are free’. We don’t have to pay for the things that are really valuable like a nice compliment, smile, friendship, good health, cuddling with someone, a sincere appreciation, or a kiss from someone we love. We don’t need to pay for playing in the rain, a flower from the garden, a walk in the park, or to explore the beauty of nature. There are so many things free in this world – a plethora of wonderful things that cost us nothing. Maybe we just need to look around us and be resourceful.

UP park. #nature

UP park. #nature

Last Saturday, I attended a short class in Quezon City and it was gloomy and I didn’t realize that there was a storm approaching and I forgot to bring an umbrella. I was a little fortunate that the odds favored me whenever I had to walk in the open to get to my destination, the rain suddenly stops. After the class, it rain hard and I was in the mall and I had to wait a little for the rain to stop or settle at the very least. I had nothing to do and so my ingenious idea popped-up when I saw someone in a booth (CITI) offering to sign-up for a credit card and alas- a free umbrella. All I needed to do is to present my existing credit card and an ID which I had no qualms in doing so. I desperately needed an umbrella. At the other wiing of the mall, I saw another booth, this time BDO. Yes, I had an ID and you guessed it right, I signed-up for my 2nd umbrella.






I was relieved that I got my weapon for the unrelenting weather but I was still stuck in the mall. I felt that I needed something to warm myself up so I headed to a fancy coffee shop which I am not usually a fan of. Again, a shining smile, I knew that I had a free coffee courtesy of my credit card. I just needed to present my last purchase receipt and my credit card to avail for any coffee flavor and cup size. Oh how handy.

hsbc free coffee

hsbc #freecoffee

So, I was warmed-up and I had to be at least smell a little nicer for I had to brave the so called #MRTchallenge. After a bathroom fix, I headed to the cosmetics/perfume section of the mall. I saw wide array of free perfume test but I needed to choose a lighter scent as I didn’t want to overwhelm passengers with inappropriate and strong scent. I chose The Body Shop. It’s free and the sales lady didn’t mind at all. I just had to gracefully say ‘thank you but I just wanted to try other perfume that goes well with my personality’- charot lang naman.

the body shop

the body shop #freeperfume

I was exhausted and I needed to go home. But here are some other things you can avail things for free in the mall:

  • If you have an SM prestige membership, you can access their SM Prestige Lounge for relaxation for free and exclusive freebies, services and what have you.
  • Use the mall wifi. I usually use ayala mall wifi as they are fast and reliable
  • Free taste at the grocery section. From noodles, milk, biscuits, sardines and all. But of course improper to dine there and consider it as your meal for the day. S&R is much more sosyal to sample every free morsel- but at least more sosyal. haha
free food sampe

#freeFoodMorsel #grocery

  • If tired of window-shopping, there are art galleries you can visit without fees.
art gallery


  • If you’re super “kapalmuks”, SM mega trade center has these events in the 5th floor wherein you just need to attend to a seminar, then they give sandwiches and sugary ice tea after. Just pretend you’re listening.
  • If you’re lucky, at times, some institutions that offer free movie screenings like Goethe Institut or Instituto Cervantes.
  • If you’re a book lover, you kill time in National Bookstore to browse your favorite magazines or new best-seller books.

Opportunity doesn’t favor the wealthy, it favors the resourceful. We can get free food, stuff and services by knowing about few simple tricks and techniques. I am a quintessential Ilocano- not that we are cheap or kuripot but we know how we spend our hard-earned cash for what we want. And if there are opportunities to get things for free, we take advantage. Those might not be totally free since we still have to take some kind of work (filling the form, presenting receipts, graceful exits, kapal ng mukha, etc), in most cases they require minimal effort and time. Yes, there are unforeseen costs, but getting something free can be a wonderful thing under the right circumstances.

I went home with a naughty grin on my face and two umbrellas.


#citiAndBDO #FreeUmbrella


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