Urban Gardening Failures

Just like many successes in life, urban gardening is only possible when we had failure/s. Whether we are new to gardening or experienced, we will have some mistakes. The important thing is, we have to get over it and learn from it. As we go on, it’s not going to be perfect. At least that’s what I choose to believe as I failed (failing) in my urban gardening attempts. Easier said than done, I know, since I grew up in a farm and trained one of the best farmers in town –my father. It’s a slap on my ego. But what else can I do but try harder. I can’t quit, it’s not an option.

Well, here are gardening mistakes that I made and I might continue to make more.

  • Improper gardening pot. While cherry tomatoes or bitter melon can be great for container gardening doesn’t mean they are small plants. Planting on a small pot with plants that require larger space and nutrients is not a good idea. The fact that they can grow larger than me should have appropriate planting space and pot. They need space, air, light, nutrients and all.
cherry tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

  • Proper soil. I bought pure compost for my Chinese palm. I just think that gardening soil is much better option as it is denser and that it can hold the roots and base. Composts are best for herbs and small ornamental plants I suppose. I may be wrong but I’ll keep on experimenting.
garden failure

proper soil

chinese palm

chinese palm

  • Failure to water properly. Choosing the right variety of plant to grow in your small space along with your lifestyle is also crucial. I travel a lot. Water is the life of your garden, so planning is important. There are plants that needs constant watering, while some will spoil if too often.
hanging plant

My Dying Hanging Plant


  • The best way to fail in gardening is to get lazy. ‘Tomorrow, later, maybe next week’, are a No No to gardening. For one, pests are contagious and fast, so if you have a slight clue of it, start doing something. Spray pesticide or weed them.


But the best way to succeed is prevention. Avoid the mistakes above and success is on your way to gardening. Mistakes happen but you can’t learn from it if you never get around in using them as your guide. I choose to embrace the success and the possibilities of failure in gardening, knowing that I get to see the beauty and delicious results are forthcoming with proper planning and patience. Just remember, Failure is part of success.