Buffalo Wings: Lava Resto Bar and Grill


buffalo wings slathered with bbq coater accented with basil flakes from Lava Timog

Buffalo + Wings floating on Lava along Timog?  Confused? By now, I suppose most already figured out that Buffalo wings do not come from a buffalo and certainly not cooked on lava. Well, the latter is slightly true but not in the context you think. I know it’s not hard to find good Buffalo wings in the Metro (T.G.I Fridays and BonChon serve mouthwatering wings) but one of the best is found in a new restaurant named Lava along Timog Ave in Quezon City.

lava timog

lava timog

For the past few days, I was pre-hypertensive but heck, if you were to offer me anything grilled and fried, I’ll indulge and surely forgets anything about wellness. More so with a luscious, juicy, tender, and spicy chicken wings.  I can eat them all day.

I’m glad a sweet Aunt from Honolulu sent me some goodies via my restaurateur/part owner cousin Jaja, lest I wouldn’t have had discovered this place – Lava.  I arrived in the restobar late in the afternoon, had some catch-up and some “super-landing tawa” until I wasn’t able to hide myself starving.  I got myself their Pork steak with rice and it was good(or fine), the usual pork drenched in some fancy sauce (remember an ice-cold coke will fill any gap).  But I was very impressed with the next course, the Buffalo Wings courtesy of the host. And while one may argue that it’s impossible to say one is better than the other (just fried chicken wings dipped in a reddish-sweet sauce), that could not be true. I was not expecting it to be that remarkable so much so that I can’t figure out what adjectives to attach with.

lava timog

lava timog

Others might say, Buffalo wings should be crispy on the outside, I’d say not necessarily true. The one in Lava is not that crispy, but I guess they were just overwhelmed by the buttery-sweet-spicy sauce it was dipped on, but ‘twas tender and with bubble-skin-on nonetheless. Those two-cut wings can melt literally on your mouth with the only things left inedible to spew are those equally tasty-tiny-juicy bones. I prefer my wings super spicy, however Lava can adjust it to your preference. There’s this tangy feel on the bbq elixir balanced with spice, and all the freakin’ grease -in a good way (I mean all foods without fat and grease taste dull and boring). Overall, the buffalo wings in Lava is magic and all flowery words you can think are understatement.

sarap-to-the-bones buffalo wings- lava

what’s left? One bone from the host, everything else were mine.

Jaja suggested to pair our pulutan with a locally-made beer I haven’t heard of. This is what I’ve been looking for, an ice-cold beer with citrusy aroma which you can identify with one of that of a western brand in a blind taste test. Oh, beer! You see, I totally forgot that blood pressure thing.

brew kettle- lava

oh heaven! (brew kettle beer)

I also tried their Hawaiian pizza. Look below then you be the judge. :0

lava timog

lava timog

I’m sure every menu in Lava are great, but the rest of the menu will be explored on my next visit. Note: they also have choices of Pasta and burgers. One of their best sellers is the Baby back Ribs- next time my dear.

lava timog

lava timog

lava timog

lava timog

For now, I can’t move on with the Buffalo Wings.

Lava is located along Timog Ave, ground fl of Puregold Junior, just beside Plaza Ibarra Events Place.


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