The Palengkera

For most, a Palengkera has always been regarded as antagonistic, someone who consistently provokes, loud and too candid and insensitive, and the likes.  However, the author wants to call herself a Palengkera  in a good way and as its purest form.

She was born in a farming community up North. Having been raised in a grange, she was able to experience fishing with her dad along the river just a stone’s throw from their not-so-lavish house.  Tending livestock, gardening and doing household chores mostly were her pastimes while growing up in a modest home.  Best of all, cooking was her favorite bonding moment with her mom.  Having been raised by her Ilocano parents that always pinches pennies and never spends money for the inessentials, for her, being a palengkera is tantamount to being clever. Clever, in the sense that she knows how to look for a things worth the value of her money especially when it comes to visiting the Public Market-Palengkes.  The blend of experience and skills to haggle is one of her unique weapons when it comes to dealing in the world of public markets.  Her diet mainly revolves around vegetables, fish and occasional meat. Consequently, the Palengke is one of her wonderlands.

Today, the Palengkera is working in a Global financial company in Makati.  She’s also braving the Stock Market as a leisure trader in lieu of gambling (although she sometimes indulge herself in Casinos or Peryahan). Her nickel-and-dime has incremented almost threefold of 7 years trading- which is not too bad for a non-pro (not big though- barya lang, pang perya).  She’s still learning the tricks of the trade so to speak.

She is longing for the good old days when she can usually pick the vegetables and eggs just from her backyard, where she can cook the freshest fish just minutes after catching from its source.  To get a glimpse of those memories again, she decided to explore Public Markets and anything to do with Markets in the Philippines and beyond. She created a blog out of it and will share her thoughts, take photos and sample the morsels she finds.  She always believes that the best way to experience one’s culture is to visit its Public Market-the Palengkes.


3 thoughts on “The Palengkera

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  2. hi! I’ve stumbled upon your blog when I was browsing the travel section of PEX. I’ve only read your reviews of Quiapo and Chinatown so far, and those were good. I’d be reading more of your features.

    I also noted that aside from being a travel enthusiast, you’re also a stock trader. the same interests as I have. it’s good to find people on the net who share the same interests as you do. hope I could get the chance to share ideas with you, or maybe join you in some of your travels soon.

    • Hi there (i wish i know your name), thank you for reading. And yes I do Stock trading for almost 8 years. But I still can’t claim I’m a pro. I’m glad you like my posts. there are related articles about stock market too.

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