What better way to experience the culture of a local place than its Public Markets –or Palengke? Public markets are one of the most obvious methods of enhancing social networks.  Here is where people normally share their social and political perspectives, their observations, and even gossip to its most artistic form.  At their most basic, people gather and exchange anything under the sun.  That being said, Public Market’s main players are the vendors with varying characters and the cheerful consumers and fascinated visitors alike-the Palengkeras.

Though some locals often showcase their goods or crafts often made with raw materials indigenous to the area, which are harnessed by their ingenuity and skills, vendors usually sell wide array of goods from fresh to dry commodities.  Public Market is often the intermediary of farmers and both industrial and household buyers.  It often showcases foods, clothing, fresh produce and artisanal products of a respective region. It can also often emphasize stall of electronics, hardware, fixtures, etc.  For vendors and retailers, the rule is universal, and that to buy goods at a low cost and sell at a higher price.  The majority of ultimate consumer’s main objective is to buy at an effective cost with utmost quality if possible.  Consequently, haggling skills is best be honed in public markets.  At present, Publics Markets is not detained by its definition, since it can be owned and operated by both the government and private sectors.

Palengke concept has had its drawbacks like sanitary concerns, illegal trades, hoarding, pickpockets and what have you.   But mostly, Palengkes are fascinating, perhaps, we may not be able to change how it looks but we can change how we look at the Palengkes.

It’s interesting to know that Markets comes in many varieties wherein parties engage in the exchange of goods or services.  Examples include retail markets (farmer’s market, flea markets, bazaars, shopping malls etc), e-commerce (electronic markets like ebay or sulit), labor markets, Stock Market (PSE in PH), Money Market (forex), illigal markets (pirated stuff, drugs, arms), and many more interesting subsets of Markets.

Join me as I experience the joy of fascinating stories filled with intriguing tales of the Palengkes and Palengkeras and the variety of goods and services on offer.  I will travel and examine the Markets of Metro Manila, its outskirts, and even beyond.

P.S. Expect colorful photos and possibly even videos if the gb permits


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